T-Shirt Quilt Class

Bring 6 t-shirts and learn the basics of making a T-shirt quilt. You will learn about cutting and fusing your t-shirts and planning a layout. The studio also has a flat presser available for your use to fuse stabilizer to the backs of your t-shirts (much easier and faster than using an iron). The class meets for two weeks to give you time to do preparation, planning and sewing. You will start a quilt top in this class.

only $75.00 for 2-three hour classes.

I am interested in taking this class

To continue to work on your quilt, QuiltTime is available every Tuesday evening or Thursday during the day, where I can help you complete your quilt.

Contact Lori Wolter for more information.

Supply List:

T-shirts for your quilt
stabilizer (available at Threadbare)

Lori Wolter 2012